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  • If you search by owner name, put last name first - then first name.  Do not add a comma. (Example:  Doe John)
  • If you search by parcel number, enter it exactly as it appears on your bill, including any spaces between numbers. (Example: R1234 567)
  • The situs address refers to the physical address of the property.  Enter only the street number and street name when searching.
    Do not include street type. (Example:  Road, Street, Drive, Way, etc.)
  • If you have questions or problems locating your property, email

After locating your property, click on the blue Parcel Number box.

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To enroll in paperless billing, follow these steps:

  • Use the information above to locate your property.
  • Once located, click the blue 'Parcel Number' button.
  • On the Account Detail page, click the 'Go Paperless' button on the right.