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Title for Imported Vehicle

To apply for a title and license plate for an imported vehicle, the following documents should be submitted.

Note: If the required documents cannot be obtained for a 1986 or newer model year vehicle, a title application can only be processed on the basis of a surety bond. If a vehicle was last registered in a foreign country, federal compliance forms must be submitted in addition to the surety bond.

  • Application – Completed Form MV-1 Tag and Title Application.
  • Manufacturer’s Statement of Origin (MSO) and/or Foreign Registration Certificate – If the vehicle was most recently registered in a foreign country, the valid foreign registration certificate issued by the country where the vehicle was last registered in the current owners’ names must be submitted. For the vehicle to be titled as new, the foreign registration certificate must be issued in the current owners’ names as shown on the title application. Since a Georgia title is required for 1986 and newer model year vehicles, the state of Georgia will not issue a title based on a registration certificate from a foreign country for 1985 and older model year vehicles. Any lien/security interest noted on any assignment, or the foreign registration certificate must either be released or shown on the application.
  • Bill of Sale – Bill of sale from the registered owner on the foreign registration through the current owner recorded on the title application must be submitted to show a complete and correct chain of vehicle ownership. Invoices are not acceptable. The bill of sale must be signed by the sellers and must contain a complete description of the vehicle, model year, vehicle make, vehicle model, and vehicle identification number (VIN)
  • Certification of Inspection – If a foreign registration certificate is submitted, a Form T-22B Certification of Inspection must be completed by a Georgia law enforcement officer after a visual inspection of the vehicle’s serial plate.
  • U. S. Customs Forms – All imported vehicles must go through customs before entry into the U.S. If a foreign registration certificate is submitted to title any vehicle imported into the United States, other than a trailer or a vehicle imported from Puerto Rico or Guam, proof that the vehicle conforms to U.S. EPA and DOT safety standards must be submitted. These forms verify compliance with federal safety standards, federal environmental standards and ownership, respectively. These federal forms are not required for vehicles brought into the United States from U.S. Territories (Puerto Rico or Guam) or through Overseas Military Sales Corporation (OMSC). The required forms are:
    • U.S. DOT Form HS-7
    • U.S. EPA Form 3520-1
    • U.S. Customs and Border Protection Form CBP-7501

    If a document is printed in any language other than English, the application for title and supporting documents must also be submitted with the following documents:

    • Translation Certificates – Completed Form T-207T Translation of a Foreign Registration Certificate and Form T-207E English Translation of an Attached Bill of Sale are required for the English translation of any foreign registration certificate not printed in English. If the foreign registration is not issued to the vehicle owner, a bill of sale completing the chain of ownership must also be submitted. A complete and correct chain of ownership is required. If any bill of sale is not printed in English, an English translation of each bill of sale must be submitted on Form T-207E. Each form must be completed in its entirety — typed, electronically completed, and printed or legibly hand printed in blue or black ink and signed by the translator. The vehicle owner or a family member cannot complete these forms.
    • Affidavit – Completed Form T-207A Foreign Document Affidavit Owner’s Declaration must be submitted if an English translation of a foreign registration certificate (Form T-207T) or an English translation of a bill of sale (Form T-207E) is required. Form T-207A must be completed in detail, signed by all vehicle owners and their signatures notarized. When properly completed and submitted, Form T-207A is a certification by the vehicle owner that the information in the application for title, supporting documents and forms is correct.

    Updated 3/19/2024
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