Notice: Tag and Title Services Interrupted May 21-29

May 21-29: No kiosk or online renewal services available.  May 23-27: No tag or title services available at tag offices. Learn More

A homemade trailer is required to have a serial plate affixed to the tongue of the trailer before it can be registered and a license plate issued. Once affixed, it serves as the VIN. Both plates can be issued at one of the five Gwinnett tag offices. There is no charge for the serial plate.

The owner must do the following:  

  • Get a serial plate and Form T-22C (Permission for County-Assigned Serial Plate for a Homemade Trailer) from a tag office. 
  • Permanently affix the serial plate to the trailer and have a Georgia Law Enforcement Officer inspect it. They will also complete Form T-22C.
  • Return to a tag office with the completed form to apply for the license plate. There is a $12 fee for a plate and ad valorem tax may be due.

A valid Georgia driver's license or ID card is required for issuance of both plates. Note: Georgia does not issue titles for homemade trailers or trailers weighing 2,000 lbs. or less.


Updated 9/5/2018