Attention Gwinnett Property Owners:
Tax bills are in the mail and due by October 15. To view or pay your bill click here.

Learn more about your tax bill here.

How to View/Print/Pay

  • Step 1: Locate your property and click on the blue parcel number
  • Step 2: View, print or pay your taxes
  • Step 3: Complete contact information
  • Step 4: Complete payment information

How to Search

  • Situs (physical) Address: Enter number and name, do not put Street, Road, Drive, Way, etc. ex.: 1234 Magnolia
  • Parcel Number: Enter as it appears on bill, including spaces ex.: R1234 567
  • Owner Name: Last name first name no comma ex.: Doe John
  • Mailing Address: Enter number and name no Street, Road, Drive, Way, etc.
    ex.: 1234 Magnolia

(Maximum online transaction total is $99,999.)

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Video: Understanding Your Property Tax Bill

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