As a result of the record number of delays occurring with the U.S. Postal Service we encourage you to use our website to conduct services online. Use kiosks to renew and immediately get your decal in hand. If mail arrives postmarked by the deadline, it will be honored as received by the deadline.

How to Apply

The following process is used to apply for all homestead exemptions.

  • Step 1: Enter information and click Search.
  • Step 2: Verify the information is correct then click the blue Parcel Number box.
  • Step 3: Complete and submit the application.
  • Step 4: Print the confirmation page.
  • Step 5: Upload supporting documentation if applicable.

How to Search

  • Situs (physical) Address: Enter number and name, do not put Street, Road, Drive, Way, etc. ex.: 1234 Magnolia
  • Parcel Number: Enter as it appears on bill, including spaces ex.: R1234 567
  • Owner Name: Last name first name no comma ex.: Doe John
  • Mailing Address: Enter number and name no Street, Road, Drive, Way, etc.
    ex.: 1234 Magnolia

Locate Your Property

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Need Help?

If you cannot locate your property or have problems or questions, contact us at 770-822-8800 or

Please note: You can use the same homestead/value offset exemption application for all exemptions the county offers.

Click here to find out the status of your Homestead Application.
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