For 2023 registrations, all 1999 through 2020 model year gasoline-powered cars or light trucks (up to 8,500 lbs) must have a valid Georgia emission inspection. For 2024 registrations, the model years are 2000-2021.

An emission inspection must be completed prior to submitting a vehicle renewal to receive a registration decal. Visit for details including information on repairs and retesting.

  • Where to Go: Newer vehicles can be inspected at any emission inspection station. Look for an inspection station sign that reads "1996 or Newer Vehicles Welcome" or "All Vehicles Welcome." Vehicle models 1995 or older can only be inspected at stations marked "All Vehicles Welcome." For a list of certified testing locations, click here.
  • Inspect Early: It's best to get your vehicle inspected four to six weeks before the registration renewal date (see When to Renew), in the event repairs need to be made.  An emission inspection is valid for 12 months or for one registration renewal by the same owner.
  • Providing Proof of Emission Inspection:  The emission inspection station that completes testing is required to electronically submit the test results to the Georgia Department of Revenue motor vehicle database. If the emission information is not in the database electronically, submit the original emission certificate to the Gwinnett County tag office, along with the payment, in person or by mail.

If the Vehicle Does Not Pass the Emission Test

  • The owner(s) should pay any ad valorem taxes due on the vehicle by the renewal due date to avoid paying a 10 percent ad valorem tax penalty.
  • If ad valorem taxes are paid on time, but the tag and/or decal cannot be renewed by the due date because of a failed emission test, the state still assesses a tag penalty of $5. 
  • A tag and/or decal cannot be issued if the vehicle did not pass.
  • A 30-day temporary registration may be issued within 10 days of the expiration date for a vehicle that has failed an emission inspection; however, the vehicle must have liability insurance, and all other taxes, penalties or fees must be paid.
  • A 30-day extension cannot be issued for new plate issuances; only for Georgia tag renewals.
  • Georgia’s Clean Air Force recommends having your vehicle inspected four to six weeks prior to the registration renewal date in the event repairs need to be made.

For more information on emission testing, visit

Senior Emission Waiver (Senior Exemption)

Senior Exemptions: If you are age 65 or older and are a registered owner of a vehicle 10 model years old or older, and if you drive less than 5,000 miles per year, you may be eligible for a senior exemption. Contact us at 770-822-8818 or before your renewal date to update your yearly mileage. 

Gwinnett County tag offices process senior emission waivers (exemptions) for Gwinnett residents.

Out-of-Area Extensions

Out-of-Area Extensions: If you (or a family member) and your Georgia-registered vehicle are temporarily located outside the 13-county emission testing area of Georgia due to school, military or business obligations, you may qualify for an Out-of-Area Extension.

Visit the Georgia Clean Air Force website for applications and information.

Repair Waivers

Repair Waivers:  To apply for a repair waiver, visit a Georgia Clean Air Force Center.  Locations of these centers, along with general information and requirements, are available at the Georgia Clean Air Force website.


Updated 10/17/2023

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