As a result of the record number of delays occurring with the U.S. Postal Service we encourage you to use our website to conduct services online. Use kiosks to renew and immediately get your decal in hand. If mail arrives postmarked by the deadline, it will be honored as received by the deadline.

If you wish to sell or trade in a vehicle to a commercial dealer, you need to furnish the dealership with proof that the ad valorem taxes have been paid along with either your title (if there is no current lien on the vehicle) or the name of your lienholder (if you are still making payments). 
A current registration card is proof of current taxes if the registration has not yet expired. If the registration has expired, you may pay taxes at a Gwinnett tag office and take the tax receipt as proof. 
If you have the title, each owner listed on the front must sign the back of the title as the seller(s). If you have a lienholder, you need to furnish the dealership with the name, address and phone number of the lienholder along with an estimated payoff.
Keep your current license plate whenever you sell or trade in your vehicle. Do not leave the license plate with the dealership.
Before you cancel insurance on your vehicle, it is your responsibility to cancel your vehicle's registration


Updated 1/4/2023

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