As a result of the record number of delays occurring with the U.S. Postal Service we encourage you to use our website to conduct services online. Use kiosks to renew and immediately get your decal in hand. If mail arrives postmarked by the deadline, it will be honored as received by the deadline.

You may be able to transfer your valid Georgia tag from a vehicle you no longer own to a newly-purchased or newly-acquired vehicle. This must be done at a tag office

The following are required to transfer a tag:

  • The title must be applied for on the new vehicle.
  • The first owner listed on the title must be the same for both vehicles unless the tag being transferred is a specialty or prestige tag. If it is a specialty or prestige tag and the first registered owner is not the same, the tag must be relinquished. Complete a relinquishment form and submit at the time of transfer.
  • Current Georgia certificate of registration for the tag being transferred.
  • Valid Georgia Insurance.
  • Current Georgia Emissions Control Certificate, if applicable.
  • Valid Georgia driver's license or Georgia ID card reflecting the current Gwinnett address. If it does not, one of the following documents with the current Gwinnett address issued in the name of the registered owner and dated within the last year must also be presented:
    • Utility bill
    • Lease/rental agreement
    • Bank statement
    • Closing papers
    • Voter registration card (must show residential address)


  • $5 tag transfer fee (if the tag is current)


  • $20 tag fee (plus special tag fees, if applicable) when transferring your plate during your registration period


  • Ad valorem tax, if applicable

Please Note: Not all tags are transferable. To transfer a tag, both vehicles must require the same tag classification. For example, you cannot transfer a tag from your trailer to your car. If you are unsure whether or not your tag can be transferred to your new vehicle, contact us.

Any paperwork, license plates or renewal decals processed in a Gwinnett tag office can only be returned to the registered owner of the vehicle or a family member with valid government-issued identification showing the same last name and/or same address as the registered owner.


Updated 1/25/2023

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