When to Renew Your Registration

For more information on when to renew your vehicle registration, click here. 


The expiration date is the first registered owner's birthday. 


Click here for a list of renewal dates for registrations in the name of businesses that are not IRP.

Click here for a list of renewal dates for IRP registrations.

Renew On Time

Not receiving a renewal notice does not relieve the registered owner from the obligation to renew the vehicle’s registration by the due date. Penalties will not be waived because the owner did not receive a renewal notice. Contact us at tag@gwinnettcounty.com or 770-822-8818 for a copy of the renewal notice or to receive total amount due.

If renewing by mail, payments should be mailed four weeks prior to the renewal date to allow time for processing. To ensure timely processing and to avoid penalties, carefully read the renewal notice and the enclosed insert for instructions and additional information. All renewal requirements, including a passing emissions test (if required), must be met before the renewal can be processed. If a renewal is submitted without all the required information, it will be returned to the owner and tax/tag penalties will be applied.

Any paperwork, license plates or renewal decals processed in a Gwinnett tag office can only be returned to the registered owner of the vehicle or a family member with valid government-issued identification showing the same last name and/or same address as the registered owner.


Updated 1/3/2023

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