Payment Submission Forms

Download the Payment Submission Forms below:

Memo List Tax Bill

Memo Tax Bill

Mortgage and Tax Service Companies

Submitting Payments via Mail

Mortgage and Tax Service Company payments are to be submitted in batches of no more than 25 bills per check. Each batch must be in balance, and a check stub, voucher and adding machine tape must accompany payment.

The mortgage company liaison’s contact information must be provided with each payment. When submitting payments, it is very important that the correct amount and parcel number is provided on the check, check stub and voucher. The homeowner's full name and address must also be provided on the voucher.

Any incorrect information provided by a third party and applied according to instructions that result in an erroneous payment will not generate a refund from the Tax Commissioner's office. Providing the correct information will help avoid these erroneous payments. 

Submitting Payments via CD

For payments made by CD, there must be no more than 10,000 records per CD. The “Tax Payment Report” (Payment Listing, Tax Remittance Report) should be submitted on a separate CD to allow for expedited research. This report must contain the following information: parcel number, amount paid, homeowner's name, situs address, loan or contract number and mortgage company (for tax services).

For assistance regarding this procedure, contact Jeremy Collins at 770-822-7354. 

Unacceptable Payments

Payments cannot be accepted when the following circumstances occur: substituted bills, memo (in lieu of) tax bills, checks and stubs out-of-balance, missing signature, missing payment, check submitted without tax bill stubs, taxes are paid in full, bill stubs with damaged scan lines, parcel number not included.

To avoid unacceptable payments, carefully check all payments prior to sending and provide the original bill stubs (no faxes or photocopies, please).

Should a payment be rejected, mortgage companies and tax services will be notified. Returned payments must be corrected and returned to the Tax Commissioner’s office on or before the deadline listed on the rejection notice. If the payments are not returned on time, these accounts will be subject to penalties and interest as applicable. 


Refunds are mailed approximately six weeks after payments are posted. Overpayments are issued to the party who made the most recent payment. Overpayments received from a tax service will be returned to the tax service for processing, rather than the mortgage companies they are serving. 


Updated  9/17/2018