Gwinnett County Tax Commissioner
Tiffany P. Porter, Esq.
July 4, 1978 - May 5, 2022

Rest in Peace

Here is a complete list of all Gwinnett County Tax Commissioner delinquent accounts. It includes personal property as well as real property. This list is updated frequently.

Real property can be vacant land, commercial land, homes, condominiums, etc. To search for real property, sort and filter the list by parcels that start with “R." Personal property can be business inventory, boats, mobile homes, etc. To search for personal property, look for parcels that start with one of the below:

  • A = Aircraft
  • B = Business Inventory & Equipment
  • F = Financial Institutions
  • H = Heavy Duty Equipment
  • M = Boat & Motor
  • HxxxxMxxx = Mobile Homes
  • U = Utilities

The Delinquent Tax List is not the same as the “List of Properties” for tax sale. For Tax Sale information, click here

Updated 5/17/2022