The State of Georgia has approved Homeowner Tax Relief Grants (HTRG) for 2023. Here is what you need to know:

What is the HTRG? The HTRG is a one-time tax credit funded by the state of Georgia. It will be applied to the 2023 property tax bill of eligible homeowners, and it will appear on the bill.

How was the credit funded? The Georgia General Assembly and Governor Brian Kemp provided grant funds to pay a portion of property taxes for eligible homeowners in 2023.

Who is eligible? Owners who have an existing homestead exemption as these exemptions automatically renew each year. Owners who applied for an exemption by the April 1, 2023 deadline and met the qualifications for an exemption are also eligible.

What do I have to do? No action is needed.

If you have a Gwinnett Homestead Exemption the HTRG credit will automatically be applied to your tax bill.

Is my homestead exemption affected? No.
The HTRG is in addition to your homestead exemption. The HTRG is added after all homestead exemptions are applied.

How much is the credit? The credit is up to $500. The state of Georgia designated that up to $18,000 of assessed value is eligible for the credit. The actual amount of the credit depends on the location of your property and how much assessed value remains after your homestead exemption is applied. 

Will the HTRG apply to my city taxes? Yes. 
If you live in Grayson, Berkeley Lake, or Peachtree Corners, the HTRG will be applied to your city taxes on your Gwinnett County tax bill. The other cities in Gwinnett generate and send the tax bills. Please contact them directly to ask about the HTRG credit.  

When will I get the HTRG? You will see the HTRG reflected on the property tax bill. You should receive your property tax bill in August or September.