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Purchased Property

First of all, congratulations on your purchase!

Purchasing a new property is an exciting, rewarding and sometimes challenging endeavor. The tax commissioner’s office wants to make the transition into your new home as smooth as possible. Remember that you can always contact us at or 770-822-8800 if you have specific questions.

Checklist for New Property Owners

  • Make sure that your property taxes are paid in full by the due date. Even if taxes are prorated at closing, it is wise to ensure they have been paid.
  • If you have an escrow account, make sure that your mortgage company has paid the taxes. You may find this information by accessing your property tax information.
  • If this property is your primary residence, apply for your Homestead Exemption. You must own and occupy your property on Jan. 1 of the tax year to receive the exemption.

We do not send tax bills to mortgage companies. If your property taxes are in an escrow account, your property tax information will be made available to your mortgage company; however, it is ultimately your responsibility to ensure taxes are paid.  If you have questions about whether your mortgage company will be paying your taxes, contact them, especially if your mortgage company has recently changed.


Updated 1/4/2023

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