The Tax Commissioner does not determine property value for taxation purposes and has no authority over that process. This responsibility falls to the Tax Assessor’s office, which answers to the Board of Tax Assessors and the Gwinnett County Board of Commissioners.

Residential and Commercial Property Value Appeals

The Tax Assessor's office also handles property value appeals. The time in which you can appeal your property value expires 45 days after a Notice of Assessment is issued. 

Property owners receive tax bills from the Tax Commissioner’s office in August. If your property is under appeal when bills are issued, a partial property tax bill is mailed to you and is due by the date on the bill. Once your appeal is settled, the Tax Commissioner’s office will determine if a supplemental bill or a credit is required depending on the appeal value decision. 

Any difference created by the resolution of your appeal will be refunded or re-billed with interest, if applicable.  

For more information about appeals, visit the Tax Assessor’s website, email questions to, or call 770-822-7200.


Updated 10/12/2017