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How are mobile homes titled?

Mobile homes are subject to motor vehicle law for ownership transfers. The same process used to title any other motor vehicle is used to transfer title on a mobile home. For information on how to transfer a mobile home title in specific circumstances, contact us at or 770-822-8800.

How are mobile homes taxed?

Mobile homes are subject to personal property tax and exempt from motor vehicle taxes. Mobile home taxes are billed in January and are due April 1 each year. The mobile home is billed separately from the land it sits on, which is usually billed in August. The tax is calculated by multiplying the assessed value (40 percent of the market value) by the millage rate. For answers to your questions about property taxes on mobile homes, contact us at or 770-822-8000.

Can I appeal the value of my mobile home?

Yes, if you do not agree with the value of your mobile home you may appeal the value to the tax assessor's office. The tax assessor's office determines the value of property and handles the appeal process. You have 45 days from the date your mobile home bill is mailed to appeal the value. For more information on property values or appeals, call 770-822-7200.

Can I get a homestead exemption on a mobile home?

No, only real property is eligible for a homestead exemption. Mobile homes are not eligible.

What is a mobile home decal and why do I need it?

An owner of a mobile home is required to display a mobile home decal by April 1. Failure to display the decal is considered a misdemeanor and the owner can be subject to fines and/or other penalties. Our office will give you a mobile home decal when the taxes are paid. There is a $10 fee for the decal included in your bill. If the decal is lost or stolen, the first replacement can be issued by our office at no charge. If the decal is lost or stolen again a second time, a $10 fee applies for each additional decal.

What if I am moving a mobile home from another county?

To move a mobile home you are required to get a relocation permit. If you are moving a mobile home from another county to Gwinnett, bring the title, a receipt that property taxes are paid and a relocation permit issued by the other county.

What if I am moving a mobile home from Gwinnett to another county?

To move a mobile home you are required to get a relocation permit. If you are moving a mobile home from Gwinnett to another county, first come to our main property tax office at 75 Langley Dr., Lawrenceville, GA 30043 to request a relocation permit before moving the home.

What if I want to combine my mobile home and real property on one property tax bill. Can I do that?

Yes, in situations where the owner of the land and the mobile home/manufactured home are the same, and the home is permanent, there is a process to legally combine the mobile home/manufactured home with the land and convert it to real property. This process involves cancelling the motor vehicle title for the home. The process begins with submitting a completed form T-234 - Mobile-Manufactured Home Certificate of Permanent Location to the county tag office. Once this process is complete, the owner can apply for a homestead exemption. We would advise anyone considering this process to seek professional legal advice.

Can I register a mobile home with a bill of sale?

No, you must have a title or title bond for a mobile home in order to register the home under your name.

What if I've lost the title to my mobile home?

You can request a replacement title at any Gwinnett County tag office.

How do I protect myself when purchasing a mobile home?

Regarding the title documents, generally, the owner of the mobile home should provide you an original Georgia certificate of title that shows their name as owner on the front face. The owner(s) should then sign as seller on the title assignment on the back of the title and assign the title to you as the buyer. There are some unique situations where that isn't true and yet title documents are still properly transferred, such as inheritance or court ordered sales. Also, double-wide mobile homes generally have two titles because the two sides are titled separately. They are typically designated by an "A" and "B" in the vehicle identification numbers. If the mobile home you are purchasing is a double-wide, the seller should give you two titles. If you have concerns about the title documents presented to you by the seller, you can seek assistance at a county tag office or call 770-822-8800. Of course, we recommend you seek professional legal advice for your mobile home transaction and contact law enforcement if you believe you may be a victim of fraud.

What happens if my mobile home taxes are not paid by April 1?

If not paid by the due date, a ten percent penalty (minimum of $5) is added based on the unpaid amount. Beginning June 1, interest accrues monthly. If the account remains unpaid, a tax lien is issued in the name of the owner(s} of record as of January 1. Once a tax lien has been issued, the property is subject to levy and sale at a tax auction.

How can I pay my mobile home taxes?

You can pay online here

  • There is no cost for an e­-check.
  • Debit cards are a flat $3.95 convenience fee.
  • Credit cards have a convenience fee of 2.25 percent of the amount paid.
  • You can mail payment to Gwinnett County Tax Commissioner, P.O.Box 372, Lawrenceville, GA 30046.
  • You can also pay in person at any Gwinnett Tax Commissioner office or drop a payment in the drop box outside of any Gwinnett tag office.

If you are writing a check, please make checks payable to Gwinnett County Tax Commissioner. If you pay in person, your mobile home decal will be given directly to you, otherwise, it will be mailed to your current mailing address.

What do I do with the title if the mobile home is destroyed/demolished?

Take the title to any Gwinnett tag office to cancel the title.

Updated 1/4/2023

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