Interest accrues at 0.88% per calendar month or any part thereof (10.50% annually) on any amount remaining after the due date. Additionally, a penalty of 5% is added if any portion of the tax bill remains unpaid 120 days after the due date; then an additional 5% on the remaining balance after every 120 days, not to exceed 20%. 

If this balance is not satisfied in full, a Fi. Fa. (tax lien) is issued against the property and the owner of record as of January 1. For real property, if within 90 days of the date of delinquency, the owner on January 1 provides us proof of the transfer of ownership and transfer of tax liability, a Fi.Fa. will instead be issued in the name of the owner as of the date of delinquency. Once a Fi.Fa. has been issued, the property is subject to levy and sale at a tax auction.

Once a property has been selected to go to tax sale, additional costs in the form of fees are added to the delinquent account for title research, advertising and other necessary actions.

Updated 1/5/2023

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